The temporary closure of the clinic because the coronavirus has made the importance of online techniques even greater. Where an online video consultation is one of them. Treatments cannot be done online, but through a video consultation we can inform our clients by providing information about treatments and giving advice on, for example, products that can be used at home.

GDPR proof

A special program has been developed for healthcare professionals to perform a video consultation AVG-proof. This means that a consultation can be carried out safely and complies with the AVG law (general data protection regulation). Your privacy and security are paramount!


During the video consultation we can view the skin and we will ask health and additional questions. When you are eligible for a treatment, we will explain all treatment options and draw up a treatment plan. After the video consultation, the treatment plan is worked out. The treatment plan and our information about the treatment will be sent to you by email, so that you can go through it again at home. If you have any questions after the video consultation, you can always reach us by phone or email.

How does it work?

  • You can schedule an appointment by telephone or email in a video consultation.
  • On the day of the video consultation, we will send a link and a security code. The code can be entered after clicking on the link. You can indicate whether you want to receive the link and security code by email or by text message.
  • When you have completed these steps, the skin therapist will be notified that you are ready to start the video consultation. Your phone or computer will ask for permission to use the camera and microphone. We ask you to give permission for this, so that we can see and hear you.

Would you like to make an appointment in plans for a free video consultation?

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