Skin improvement

Skin analysis with the Observ 520

Various skin improvement treatments are offered at Huid & Laser Utrecht. We always schedule a free and no-obligation consultation in advance, whereby a skin analysis is made using the Observ 520. With the Observ 520 it is possible to view and record your skin under the influence of six different light modes. This patented technology, uses special fluorescence and polarized light and gives us insight into:

  • Skin structure and pores
  • Blood flow problems (couperose, rosacea)
  • Superficial and deep sun damage and pigmentation spots
  • Amount of sebum
  • Moisture content

On the basis of the skin analysis, treatments and product advice can be tailored even better to your wishes and needs. After the consultation, a tailor-made treatment plan is made. Treatment can consist of peels and / or laser therapy.

Fractional lasers

Fractional lasers provide an overall skin improvement. The laser provides a finer skin structure, refining fine lines and an even color, by accelerating the skin renewal process. Huid & Laser Utrecht has several fractional lasers, both ablative and non-ablative. Ablative means that the epidermis flakes and the recovery time lasts 3-5 days. Non-ablative means that the top layer of skin remains intact, the skin will only be red and the recovery time is only one day.

During the consultation, the skin therapist will assess which fractional laser is most suitable, sometimes a combination is the best option. Treatment may consist of the:

  • Fractional / non-fractional Erbium- YAG 2940 nm (ablative)
  • Youlaser MT Fractional Co2 10600 nm in combination with the Erbium-Glass 1540 nm (ablative)
  • Youlaser MT Fractional Erbium- Glass 1540 nm (non-ablative)

A fractional laser reacts to the water in the skin cells and creates many tiny holes of heat beams deep in the skin through evaporation. This stimulates the new production of collagen (building block of the skin). This collagen production ensures more firmness of the skin. The heat from the laser causes tissue shrinkage, which will make the skin have a finer texture and improve blood flow. This gives the skin a more even color and a fresher appearance. Due to the increased collagen production, the skin aging process of the skin is slowed down!

The laser works fractionated, that is to say that part of the skin is treated per laser pulse. So-called microbeams, holes are made in the skin. Skin tissue remains between the holes. This intact skin helps the tiny holes heal faster through the production of new skin cells. In this way, the treatment is safe and controlled and the skin repairs in a few days. Sometimes the laser is used partially unfractionated to reduce irregular relief differences in the skin (for example, lines or scars).

Youlaser MT

At Huid & Laser Utrecht we are specialized in the field of skin improvement and we have several fractional lasers, so we can always offer a tailor-made treatment. The fractional Youlaser MT is the latest, unique laser that combines the Co2 and Erbium-Glass laser for the best results in skin rejuvenation and acne scars. It creates a fine skin structure, skin tightening, the fading of scars and an even complexion. The heat activates collagen and elastin to make the skin smoother, firmer and firmer.

During the treatment, the skin is numbed with cold air. This laser tackles both the surface of your skin, but also the deeper skin layers at the same time.


A peeling consists of different types of ingredients (acids), each with specific properties that penetrate to a certain skin layer. The peeling causes the top layer of skin to soften. This activates the skin renewal process, causing the dead skin cells to flake off and be replaced by new, healthy skin cells. After the peeling, the condition and resistance of the skin will be improved, which is visible in a fresh and radiant skin.

At Huid & Laser Utrecht, the skin can be treated with various medium deep to deep peels. These peels differ in strength, depth and effect, so that different indications can be treated. For example, there are peels for reducing acne, acne scars, pigmentation spots, melasma, fine lines and a coarse skin texture. Peelings can be used as a stand-alone treatment, but often the best results are achieved when combined with light and laser treatments. During the consultation, the skin therapist assesses which peeling is suitable for you.

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The Dermica Goldpen is the most advanced microneedling system. Micro-channels are made in the skin by means of micro needles that move up and down quickly (1000 per second). These micro-channels initiate the natural wound healing process. This releases growth factors that stimulate the production and restructuring of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin provide the firmness and elasticity of the skin, making the skin thicker, firmer and smoother. In addition, it ensures a better absorption of active ingredients, without damaging the epidermis (top layer of skin). Huid & Laser Utrecht offers two different types of microneedling treatments, namely the skin booster or the firm facial.

Skin booster

During this treatment, micro active ingredients bring deeper active ingredients into the skin. The skin booster treatment consists of one of two different types of active ingredients, namely hyaluronic or vitamin C. Hyaluronic is in the skin and decreases with skin aging. It is a body’s own moisture absorber that can be absorbed when applied to the skin. Hyaluronic is proven effective and great for microneedling. It provides a natural glow and improves the structure and moisture balance of the skin. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for the production of collagen, in addition it also increases the production of collagen. Vitamin C can be used for various pigmentation problems, rosacea and scars.

Firm Facial

The firm facial is a treatment that combines different skin therapy techniques. The facial treatment gives a huge boost to the production of collagen, it strengthens the skin and refines the skin structure. Treatment consists of a TCA peel, microneedling and retinol.

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