Skin curettage

Benign skin blemishes such as age warts, fibroids and fat bumps can be quickly removed with a laser or curette. Skin blemishes are localized accumulations of tissues and cells. They can consist of sebum, connective tissue, blood vessels or pigment. Often the cause is not fully known, but excessive sun exposure, skin aging and hereditary predisposition often play a major role.

Skin blemishes can be treated at Huid & Laser Utrecht by means of skin curvature or the laser. During the consultation, the skin therapist examines the skin irregularities and assesses which treatment method is most suitable.

Skin curettage
By means of a curette, this is a sharp sterile ring, the skin imperfections are scraped away from the skin. This is very superficial, making scarring or the appearance of white spots very rare.

Co2 of Erbium-YAG laser
The laser can evaporate very precisely and precisely layer by layer of the skin imperfections. This technique can be used well for fat bumps or elevations in the skin.


Below are our rates for the treatment of skin imperfections.

 Skin curettage
 One to five spots € 90,- p.t.
 Six to ten spots € 160,- p.t.
 More spots In consideration
 Treatment with Co2 or Erbium-YAG from € 95,-

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