Melasma, also known as a pregnancy mask, is a pigmentation disorder in which pigment spots appear on the face. The pigment spots are often visible as an irregular light brown to dark brown discoloration. It often occurs on the cheekbones, upper lip, chin and / or forehead. Sometimes the spots are also present in the neck or on the arms.

Melasma Huid & Laser Utrecht

The number of pigment cells in the epidermis is normal with melasma, only the pigment cells contain too much pigment, so that a dark discoloration is visible. The pigment can be superficial in the epidermis and deeper in the dermis. We often see that the pigment is both superficial and deep.

The cause of melasma

The exact origin of melasma is still unknown, but there is a link between sun exposure and pregnancy, pill use, certain medication and hereditary predisposition. The hormones estrogen and progesterone stimulate the production of pigment under the influence of the sun. For this reason, melasma is also called pregnancy mask. During pregnancy, these hormones in the body are elevated, which can cause melasma.

Treatment of melasma at Huid & Laser Utrecht

Melasma has a chronic character. Once you have melasma, there is a big chance that the pigment spots will return under the influence of pill use, sunlight and pregnancy. Melasma treatment was created to control the activity of the pigment cells and destroy the excess pigment.

At Huid & Laser Utrecht, melasma is treated with the fractional Erbium-YAG laser or with the Mela peel forte from Dermaceutic. The laser treatment ensures that the pigmen cells remain as quiet as possible.

The fractional Erbium-YAG laser creates many tiny holes in the skin, through which the pigment cells are, as it were, pierced and re-ordered. The excess pigment is destroyed and removed. Just as important as the laser treatment is protection against sunlight by means of sunscreens with a high protection factor. We would like to invite you for a consultation, so that we can explain everything about the treatment.

The Dermaceutic Mela peel forte contains arbutin, kojic acid, retinol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. The peeling is ideal for reducing various types of pigmentation spots and melasma (pregnancy mask). Pigment spots can also develop after wounds are treated with this peeling.

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