Leg vessels laser treatment

Do you suffer from visible red or blue veins on your legs? These leg vessels are superficially located, so that they can be safely and effectively treated with the vascular laser!

Beenvaten behandeling Huid Laser kliniek Utrecht

Laser treatment of leg vessels at Huid & Laser Utrecht

At Huid & Laser Utrecht you can have disturbing leg vessels treated with the Nd-YAG 1064 nm vascular laser. For red vessels, the treatment is performed with a combination of the Alexandrite and the Nd-YAG laser.

The laser has a high absorption capacity on the red or blue color of the keg. The laser light releases all its energy into the vessel, causing the proteins in the vessel wall to clot and damaging the vessel. The body clears this up on its own. During the treatment there is cooling with direct air cooling, which makes the treatment well tolerated.

On average, 3-6 treatments are required for the desired result. Treatment can be performed every 6-8 weeks.

Prices laser treatment leg vessels

Below our price for the treatments.

Leg vessels from €190,-
Different ares (whole legs) from €250,-
Hemangiomas Per body part, from € 95,-