Hormone therapy

Normally we enjoy our hormones for years. As we get older, we can develop all kinds of complaints that result from decreasing production of various hormones. For example, a reduction in the production of the thyroid hormone, which is common in women, can cause complaints such as fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, etc.

Hormone changes symptoms

Reducing the production of female hormones around menopause produces symptoms such as swelling, mood swings, menstrual disturbances, osteoporosis, libido reduction and many other complaints. Likewise, men can get into trouble if testosterone production declines over the years. The adrenal hormone is a hormone that is very sensitive to stress. As a result, deficiencies of this hormone are also often seen. In our clinic, these hormonal deficiencies are treated in a natural way.


By supplementing your daily diet with supplements you will work directly as well as preventively on your health: you will soon feel better by reducing the shortages that have arisen, your medicines will be absorbed better, which will improve its effect and you will slow down the process of become older.

Hormone therapy by Drs. Nora Hendriks

You can contact Huid & Laser Utrecht for this therapy. Drs Nora Hendriks, has specialized in hormone therapy for more than 30 years. Your individual treatment plan is based on your medical history and that of your family. Consisting of an extensive intake, after which a treatment plan can be proposed, partly on the basis of a pre-completed questionnaire and results of an (anti-aging) blood test proposed to you.

Prices hormone therapy

First consultation € 200,-
Follow-up consultation € 120,-