Cosmo Peel Forte

The Cosmo Peel Forte from Dermaceutic is a strong medical peel and is applied to aged skin with fine and deep lines, acne scars, structural problems, smoker’s skin, pigmentation and skin slackening. This peeling works very deep and gives a lot of results in the short term.

Operation of the treatment

A peeling consists of different types of ingredients, each with specific properties that penetrate to a certain skin layer. The peeling causes the top layer of skin to soften. This activates the skin renewal process, causing the dead skin cells to flake off and be replaced by new, healthy skin cells. The Cosmo Peel Forte consists of 20% TCA, 10% Phenol and 10% Glycolic Acid. The peeling works deeply and ensures that the collagen and elastin production in your skin is strengthened. The peeling can be used as a stand-alone treatment, but often the best results are achieved when combined with light and laser treatments.

Number of treatments

The number of treatments depends on your skin condition and indication. Depending on your skin condition, it may also be recommended to start with a TCA peel of 12 or 15% to improve your skin condition. It may also be advisable to pre-treat the skin by means of a deep wrinkle treatment by applying microneedling. The better your skin condition, the more results you have with the Cosmo Peel Forte. On average, 1-2 treatments with the Cosmo Peel Forte are required, 3-6 months apart. The effect of the peeling continues for 6-18 months after the treatment. Maintenance treatments are desirable to maintain the effect of the peeling.

Start treatment with home products

You start the treatment at least 2-6 weeks before the peeling with the Dermaceutic home products. These products make the skin permeable to the peeling. The optimal result can thus be achieved. This also ensures that the skin heals safely and quickly. The products below are advised.

  • Dermaceutic Foamer 5/15
  • Dermaceutic Turn Over or Light Ceutic night cream
  • Dermaceutic Retinol 0.5 or 1.0

Result of the Cosmo Peel Forte

After the peeling, the skin will recover after 10-14 days. During this recovery, the skin will peel, leaving the skin looking red, swollen, dry and flaky for 2 weeks. The result will become clearly visible after 3 months and the skin will only improve in the weeks and months after that. The Cosmo peel forte fades pigmentation and refines the skin texture and fine lines.

Left picture: before the peel & Right picture: after 1 Cosmo Peel Forte

Costs Cosmo Peel Forte

Cosmo Peel Forte
Incl. 2 after-treatment creams € 490,- per treatment