Acne rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory reaction of the skin. This is visible as a butterfly-shaped redness on the cheeks, nose and sometimes on the forehead and chin. It can be distinguished with a vascular component and an acne component. Often dilated blood vessels (couperose) bumps and pus heads are also visible. The skin can also be sensitive, feel burning and become red quickly (flushing). Sometimes hyperplasia of the soft tissues of the nose (rhinophyma) occurs.

The origin of rosacea

Usually rosacea starts after the age of 30, but it is also seen at a younger age. It often occurs in people with fair skin type. The exact cause of acne rosacea is unknown. However, there are certain factors that cause the complaints to increase, such as; changes from heat to cold, sunlight, spicy food, alcohol, hormonal changes and the use of certain cosmetics and skin care products.


Huidaandoening Rosacea behandeling Huid Laser kliniek Utrecht

Rosacea treatment at Huid & Laser Utrecht

Several symptoms can develop. During the consultation, the skin therapist from Huid & Laser Utrecht will discuss which treatment is most suitable for you. Rosacea can be treated with various lasers and peels. The use of certain skin care products is also important to ensure that there is as little irritation and aggravation as possible. The skin therapist can advise you on this.