Laser treatment of pigment spots

Laser treatment of pigment spots

Do you suffer from disturbing pigment spots? We have various lasers to treat hyperpigmentation’s, such as sun and age spots. We carry out the treatments with the pigment laser (Alexandrite 755 nm) or the Erbium-YAG laser (2940 nm).

Pigment spots are accumulations of the pigment in the skin, showing a dark discoloration. Pigmented spots can develop over the years. Regular exposure to the sun often plays a major role in this. But pigmentation spots can also be caused by hormone fluctuations, skin aging or wounds.

In our clinic we have several types of pigment lasers that offer a solution for removing the different types of pigment spots.

Pigmentation spots caused by the sun (lentigo solaris)
With the pigment laser, different types of pigmentation spots can be treated, such as sun spots (lentigo solaris), age spots and freckles. The light from the pigment laser is absorbed by the pigment in the skin. The converted heat ensures that the excess pigment is destroyed. The pigment stain becomes lighter or disappears completely.

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Pigmentation spots from wounds
If the skin is sensitive to the production of pigment, a pigmentation can occur after a wound or inflammation. We also call this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). These spots can often be present multiple times, for example after acne. These spots can be treated with the pigment laser.

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Laser treatment of melasma
Melasma, also known as a pregnancy mask, is a brown discoloration of the skin. The spots are often visible as an irregular hyperpigmentation on the cheekbones, upper lip, chin and forehead. The exact origin of melasma is still unknown, but there is a link between pregnancy, pill use, sunlight, certain medication and hereditary predisposition. Once you have melasma, there is a big chance that the pigment spots will return under the influence of pill use, sunlight and pregnancy.

The fractional erbium-YAG (2940 nm) creates many tiny holes in the skin, so that the pigment cells are, as it were, pierced and re-ordered. The excess pigment is destroyed. The laser in combination with good sun protection ensures that melasma remains as calm as possible.

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Below our rates for the pigmentation treatments.

One to three pigmentation spots From € 90,-
Four to ten pigmentation spots € 150,-
Multiple pigmentation spots In consultation