Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair and skin irritation from shaving, waxing or epilation

Many people suffer from ingrown hair, irritation or razor bumps. This can occur anywhere in the body where shaving, waxing or epilation has taken place. There are various skin conditions caused by ingrown hairs, such as folliculitis barbae or sinus pilonidalis.

Ingrown hair

Ingegroeide haren Huid Laser kliniek Utrecht

Pseudofolliculitis barbae

Folliculitis barbae is a type of razor irritation caused by ingrown hair. The ingrowth of the hairs often occurs with curly hair, the end of the hair then grows back inside and causes an inflammatory reaction. This is visible as several red pimples or bumps that are spread according to the hair pattern. This condition often occurs with dark skin. We often see this in men in the beard region.

At Huid & Laser, shaving the beard region can be replaced by laser hair removal with the Nd-YAG laser. This is an effective hair removal laser and safe for the toned to very dark skin. The Nd-YAG laser also shrinks sebaceous glands, thereby reducing inflammation.

Sinus Pilonidalis

Sinus pilonidalis is a painful inflamed hairnet cyst in or just above the buttock crevice. It is a cavity under the skin that has a connection through the skin to the outside. This compound can be seen as a small hole or retraction in the skin. The hairnet cyst can cause secretion of pus, fluid and blood. The hairnet cyst can contain hair, which can cause inflammation. An abscess may then form, visible as a red painful bump.

Sinus pilonidalis is common in young white men, who have a lot of hair growth in this area. The exact cause of this is not yet known, but abrasion of clothing and long sitting are provoking factors.

The cyst can be surgically removed, but can come back after surgery. Often the plastic surgeon sends the patient to a skin therapist after surgery for treatment with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can prevent a new cyst from developing.

Skin irritation from shaving, waxing or epilation

Irritation from shaving, waxing, or epilation can be seen as redness, bumps, ingrown hair, and a burning sensation. This often occurs in places where the hairs are thicker and more present, such as the bikini line and armpits. One is slightly more affected by this than the other, but it is often disturbing and can cause embarrassment.

The treatment of ingrown hair at Huid & Laser Utrecht

Because you almost no longer have to shave, wax or epilate yourself, you no longer suffer from skin irritation. Read more about laser hair removal here.