Cafe-au-lait macula

Cafe-au-lait vlek

A cafe-au-lait macula / stain is a benign even light brown flat spot on the skin. The stain can vary in size and often develop immediately after birth or in the first months afterwards. After this he will no longer disappear spontaneously. About 10-20% of the population has a cafe-au-lait stain.

How do café-au-lait stains occur?

The origin of this pigmentation is not yet fully known. The pigment cells that are present in the stain produce more pigment, so that a dark discoloration is visible.

The treatment of café-au-lait stains at Huid & Laser Utrecht

A cafe-au-lait stain is benign, but unfortunately never pull away by itself. In some cases, people find the cafe-au-lait stain cosmetically disturbing and then it can be treated with the alexandrite 755 nm laser. The light from the laser reacts to the excess pigment and gives off all its energy. The converted heat destroys the pigment cells and makes them lighter in color.