Blood vesicles

Blood vesicles, Cherry Angiomas

Blood vesicles or Cherry Angiomas are also called cherry warts. They are not actually warts, but a local and superficial multiplication of blood vessel tissue. This is visible as red, convex spots from 1mm to 1 cm in size. Usually they occur in large numbers on the body. These blood vesicles are completely benign.

The formation of blood vesicles

Cherry warts usually develop in middle age and can increase with age. The exact cause of the development is not yet fully known, but hereditary predisposition often plays a role. Exposure to sunlight can also trigger blood bubbles to form.

Treatment of blood vesicles at Huid & Laser Utrecht

Blood vesicles do not go away on their own. They are completely benign and can be removed very effectively with the Nd-YAG laser or a combination with the Alexandrite laser.

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