Acne is caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous glands produce sebum, which flow into hair follicles. If these output passages become clogged, acne develops. The characteristics of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, red bumps, pimples and subcutaneous inflammation.

Various factors play a role in the development of acne, such as: increased sebum production, keratinization of the top layer of the skin and the presence of bacteria in the sebaceous glands. Hormonal changes and hereditary predisposition also often play a role. In addition, acne can be triggered by stress, improper skin care of dairy products and sugars.

Types of acne

There are different types of acne:

  • The best known is acne vulgaris. These are “childhood breakouts” and often start in puberty. Between the ages of 12 and 24, 85% of young people suffer from acne vulgaris. But acne can also develop above the age of 25, named acne tarda.
  • Acne conglobate is a serious form of acne, in which large bumps and cysts are also caused by deep inflammation of the sebaceous glands. We see this shape more often in men, especially on the back and shoulders.
  • Acne comedonica consists of black- and whiteheads without inflammation.
  • Acne excoriee des jeunes filles is skin damage which contains of wounds, hyperpigmentation and scars. These are caused by scratching, picking and squeezing the pimples.

Acne treatment at Huid & Laser Utrecht

The treatment of acne is customized during the consultation. Acne treatments ensures, among other things, such as the right products, that the sebum production will be reduced and the skin will be renewed quickly. The blood circulation of the skin will also be stimulated.

Treatment can include microdermabrasion, peels, deep cleansing and laser. Also, using the right home products is very important to keep the acne as calm as possible. The skin therapists from Huid & Laser Utrecht can advise you with this.

Skincare products

Treating the skin at home is necessary to achieve optimal results. Nowadays there are many products on the market with all kinds of different ingredients. The most important thing in acne products are acids. Acids soften the top layer of the skin, which is often thickened in acne, which can cause pimples. With the right products, we want to keep the top layer of the skin as thin as possible and at the same time regulate sebum production. Every acne skin is different, so product advise from a skin therapist is desired. The following products can be advised:


A peeling consists of different types of ingredients (acids), each with specific properties that penetrate to a certain skin layer. The peeling causes the top layer of the skin to soften. This activates the skin renewal process, causing the dead skin cells to flake off and be replaced by new, healthy skin cells. After the peeling, the condition and resistance of the skin will be improved, which is visible in a fresh and radiant skin. The effects of the peeling van reduce the acne.

Dermaceutic Milk + Activa Peel

This peel contains 50% glycolic acid, 10% lactic acid and 4% salicylic acid and is used for acne and as a preparation for stronger peels. Like the Mela Peel (forte) and the Cosmo peels.

Laser treatments can also be used in combination with a mild peeling.