Fibroids and benign skin tumors
Fibroids are common benign skin tumors, also known as skin tags. The skin tags are often skin-colored or light brown and can appear anywhere on the skin. The cause of the development of the growths is not known, but it often occurs in menopausal women or during pregnancy. Sometimes dozens of small or larger stalked fibroids can develop, which often occur in the neck, armpits, under the breasts and in the groin.

Skin blemishes can be treated at Huid & Laser Utrecht by means of skin curvature or the laser. During the consultation, the skin therapist examines the skin irregularities and assesses which treatment method is most suitable.

Skin curettage
By means of a curette, this is a sharp sterile ring, the skin imperfections are scraped away from the skin. This is very superficial, making scarring or the appearance of white spots very rare.

Co2 or Ebrium-YAG laser
The laser can evaporate very precisely and precisely layer by layer of the skin imperfections. This technique works very well with fat bumps or elevations in the skin.