Excessive hair in women

Excessive hair in women

Increased hair growth on the face or body can be experienced as unwanted. Sometimes hairs are longer or thicker, making them more noticeable. The symptoms of hair growth are often personal. What is experienced as unwanted hair for one person may not be a problem for another.

Various forms of excessive hair

There are different forms of excess hair. A distinction can be made between places where hair normally grows (hypertrichosis) and hair growth according to a male hair pattern (hirsutism).


With this type of hair, hair growth has increased according to a male hair pattern. Hair can grow on the face, but also on the pubic area and breasts. Often the hairs are thicker and darker. Hirsutism is common, 5 to 10% of women suffer to a greater or lesser degree. There are three forms of hirsutism.

Familiair hirsutism

This form is more common in certain skin types. This does not involve an increase in male hormones in the blood. The hair follicles are more sensitive to male hormones, stimulating hair growth.

Hormonal hirsutism

In this form, there is an overproduction of male hormones in the blood. This can cause excessive hair growth, but also enlargement of the muscles, lower voice, menstrual disorders, acne or less development of the breasts. This overproduction can be caused in the ovaries or adrenal cortex. The most common condition here is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Read more about PCOS here.

Hirsutism caused by medicines

Anabolic steroids or testosterone-related drugs (in menopausal women) can lead to hirsutism.


In hypertrichosis, there is increased hair in any area of ​​the body where hair growth is already naturally occurring. This can occur in both men and women. It can be innate, or it may develop at a later age. Sometimes it occurs in multiple areas in the body and sometimes only in one place.

Laser hair removal treatment at Huid & Laser Utrecht

At Huid & Laser Utrecht we can treat excess hair with various hair removal lasers. Hair growth that is not the cause of hirsutism or hypertrichosis can also be treated with the hair removal laser. The treatment is carried out with the Alexandrite, the Nd-YAG laser or a combination of both lasers. Read more about laser hair removal here.