Of course, we would like you to be satisfied with the care we provide. That is why we continue to work on the quality of our care provision. It is possible that you are not satisfied with something. We are happy to look for a solution.

If you are not satisfied, we ask you to let us know. This gives us the opportunity to resolve your complaint.

We would like you to contact the clinic by telephone as soon as possible on 030-75 102 69. The complaint will then be submitted to the skin therapist who has helped you. In most cases, the problem can be solved quickly.

If you are not satisfied afterwards, you can file a complaint with Huid & Laser Utrecht. You can use the form below.

If you cannot find a solution with us, you can turn to the complaints committee of our professional association of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapy (NVH). This complaints committee is independent and will handle your complaint with the utmost care.